Charlotte Jewish Preschool is proud to employ a team of highly-qualified, passionate educators and dedicated administrative staff who strive to create a safe and nurturing environment in which our students can learn, grow, and connect.

Meet the Charlotte Jewish Preschool’s Executive Director

Brooke Amo was appointed as Executive Director of the Charlotte Jewish Preschool in 2016. Prior to this role, Brooke held various positions at CJP for six-plus years including twice seamlessly stepping into the Interim Executive Director role guiding the school through transitions, and both times the school emerged stronger.

Brooke is a leader who loves, embraces, and embodies the core of CJP, but also has the ability to be a dynamic forward-thinker and advances the school with the growing needs of the community. No one better understands and respects the inner workings of CJP and how to execute and improve on our strategic plan than Brooke.

In addition to her 10+ years of dedicated service to CJP, Brooke holds over eight years of education experience within the Charlotte Mecklenburg School (CMS) system. Armed with both an undergraduate and graduate degree in Elementary Education along with Special Education Certification, Brooke has held chair positions within CMS as well a number of administrative and strategic roles, and has also been part of the International Baccalaureate Leadership Team.

In her past five years as ED, Brooke has overseen and implemented numerous school improvements including programming expansions, research-based curriculum, and learning enhancements, building security upgrades, and leading and finding high-quality professional development opportunities for teachers. Brooke also received certification in Non-Profit Leadership from Duke University in 2018 and is currently pursuing a certification in coaching through the Center for Creative Leadership.


Becca Green
Director of Education
Becca has a BA in History and Elementary Education, Master Degrees in Jewish Education with a specialization in Early Childhood, as well as a Masters Concentration in Interfaith Family's Jewish Engagement, and a certificate in Israel Education. Becca has 10 years of teaching experience. 

"CJP is my world. I love being able to motivate, inspire, and elevate our incredible staff, students, and families."
Michelle Bamford
Director of Finance
Michelle has a BS in Finance & Accounting. 

"CJP has become my identity. I started as a parent 20 years ago and have evolved to someone who cannot imagine life without CJP. To work here is a labor of love.
Erin Goldstein
Operations Director
Erin has her BSW of Social Work as well as MSW of Social Work and is also an Alumni of CJP. 

"CJP is an incredible organization. My child is a CJP graduate. I can't even express how prepared he was in all aspects for kindergarten because of CJP.
Alyson Kalik
Office Manager
Alyson has been working at CJP for 22 years. 

"CJP is my happy place. I love the fact that for these children, CJP is their introduction to Judaism. I have met my lifelong friends here at CJP."

Infant and Ones

Stephanie Zubrinsky
Infants Lead Teacher
Ms. Stephanie has early Early Childhood Preschool Certification and has 16 years of teaching experience. 

"CJP is my life. The joy I get from seeing the growth of the little ones I teach is so rewarding."
Dorothy Parker
Infants Assistant Teacher
Ms. Dorothy has her Associates in Child Care and has 18 years of teaching experience. 

"CJP is a place to learn and grow; a place to build new relationships."
Lindsay Romero
Full Day Lead Teacher
Ms. Lindsay has an English Degree with a minor in History as well as her ECE credentials. Ms. Lindsay has 15 years of teaching experience. 

"CJP means family- I went to school here and now my daughter goes here. It is like a second home to me"
Joana Shane
Full Day Assistant Teacher
Ms. Joana has been with CJP for 5 years. 

"CJP is a second home, my second family. It has been a great educational experience for my children."
Christina Randolph
Full Day Assistant Teacher
Ms. Christina has a Bachelor's of Social Work as well as having completed 3 years undergrad of Elementary Education and has 2 years of teaching experience. 

"CJP is my happy place- I love to come in every morning and work with the kids. Seeing their smiling faces brings me so much joy. Also being able to experience them learning and growing is an incredible privilege."
Samantha Smith
Full Day Lead Teacher
Ms. Sam has 14 years teaching experience and continuing her Associates Degree education.

"CJP is my happy place. It has become my family and a wonderfully supportive, caring community. It truly is my home away from home. It has given me so much growth personally and professionally."
Maribel Garcia
Full Day Assistant Teacher
Ms. Maribel has 15 years of teaching experience.

"CJP gives me the opportunity to work in what I'm passionate about. I love working with children and contributing to their development in a very positive environment."
Katie O'Reilly
Full Day Lead Teacher
Ms. Katie has an AA in Early Childhood Education as well as a BA in speech and hearing. Ms. Katie has 27 years of teaching experience. 

"CJP means the world to me, my passion, my people, my history, my purpose. I love working here and love the values and the respect."
Delia Friederwitzer
Full Day Assistant Teacher
Ms. Delia is a CDA (Child Development Associate).

"CJP is not only a place where I work, it's where I belong to foster the development of our community and future generations.
Lari Massachi
Full Day Assistant Teacher
Ms. Lari has 11 years of teaching experience.

"CJP means to me nurturing our students in a safe, loving, educational environment that encompasses a Jewish way of life."
Debbie Anderson
Full Day Lead Teacher
Ms. Debbie has a Business Degree as well as her ECE. Ms. Debbie has 36 years of teaching experience. 

"CJP is a place for continued growth and learning as a family.
Mila Chrestkha
Full Day Assistant Teacher
Ms. Mila studied at Volgorad State Pedagogical University in Russia majoring in English as a second lanuage. Mila has 11 years of teaching experience and loves spending time with her family and friends. 

"I view CJP as a great community and a wonderful place to work."
Andrea Schultz
Full Day Lead Teacher
Ms. Andrea has her Bachelors degree as well as her ECE credentials and has 9 years of teaching experience. 

"CJP is a family of caring individuals"
Ava Lilly
Full Day Assistant Teacher
Ms. Ava holds a AA Degree Liberal Arts and has 5 years of teaching experience. 

"CJP is a place to teach, learn and grow."


Talya Tateo
Full Day Lead Teacher
Ms. Talya has an Associates Degree in Health Administraion and her Early Childhood teaching credentials. Ms. Talya has 9 years of teaching experience. 

"To me, CJP is a warm and connected family that cares for their students and teachers withh all they have.
Amonnie Jackson
Amonnie Jackson
Support Staff

"It’s means being apart of an amazing group of staff, and learning how to be apart of a wonderful community."
Jude Dollar
Full Day Lead Teacher
Mr. Jude's background is in Emergency Medical Services-Paramedic as well as 3 years of teaching experience. Mr. Jude loves science and anything outside. 

"To me, CJP is a place of happiness, joy, and a place I actually love to work.
Christy Evans
Full Day Assistant Teacher
Ms. Christy has her NC Early Childhood credentials and has been teaching for 15 years.

"CJP is a tight community. It's not just a job. It's a place where I can do what I love- teach and care for children.
Bekah O'Reilly
Bekah O'Reilly
Full Day Assistant Teacher
I graduated from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro with a Bachelors of Arts and Sciences in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies and a Minor in Music.

I have also worked in childcare throughout my college career, starting in 2015 as a floater, then during summer and winter breaks as either a substitute or a summer teacher. I have completed several internships with Greensboro area public schools as well!

"CJP is a space for children to be safe and supported as we allow them to grow in their own identities, learn how be apart of a community, and to prepare them for the world ahead! It is a place of love and support for both children and staff, making it an amazing place to work for as well as teach at!"
Sarah Lilly
Full Day Assistant Teacher
Ms. Sarah has an Associates Degree and currently working on bachelors in health systems management and has 2+ years of teaching experience. 

"To me, CJP is a place that is safe and accepting of all people to come and learn/grow."
Mary Beth Umbaugh
Mary Beth Umbaugh
Full Day Lead Teacher
BA Early Childhood Education and
Speech and Hearing

"CJP has many meanings to me.

 First, it is my home away from home. It is an environment of comfort and stability;
it is a place where children can play, learn and grow at their own pace and truly be their authentic selves.

 Above all, it means that my responsibility is to make sure the children are happy, healthy, safe and loved and I cherish this opportunity.

 I am truly blessed to be a part of the CJP Family!"
Christti Jones
Christti Jones
Support Staff
AA Degree from Harford Community College. I have a Bachelor's Degree from True Fellowship Bible College and Seminary.

"CJP has a caring and loving staff. I felt welcomed on my very first day. Whenever I needed help someone was always willing to help me with no hesitation. CJP is a wonderful school."
Rachel Berendt
Half Day Lead Teacher
Morah Rachel has a degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education. 

"My co-workers are like sisters to me and when I walk in the door I feel like I am in my second home."
Megan Hendler
Half Day Lead Teacher
Ms. Megan has her MAT in K-5 and special education and has 12 years of teaching experience. 

"I love the close knit community of CJP and teaching the values of Judaica to our students."
Talya Cohen
Half Day Assistant Teacher
Ms. Talya holds a Bachelor in Early Childhood Ed and has 12 years of teaching experience. 

"CJP is an accepting, loving Jewish community"


Thais Echols
Full Day Lead Teacher
Ms. Thais attended UNC Charlotte and has 4 years of teaching experience. 

"CJP is home. I have the privilege to spend my days with young minds that look up to me for their daily needs. Teaching at CJP has taught me that even through my hard days I can make a difference in their lives."
LaToria Allen
Full Day Assistant Teacher
Ms. Torie is a graduate of Brookstone College and has her Early Childhood credentials and has 16 years of teaching experience. 

"CJP is a place that has allowed me to grow and learn new things."
Sarah Pritzker
Full Day Lead Teacher
Ms. Sarah has her degree in Elementary Education as well as her Early Education certificate and has 5 years of teaching experience. 

"CJP means to me teaching young kids Judaica and a personal connection to it as well as watching them build confidence and independence."
Cheryl Comen
Full Day Assistant Teacher
Ms. Cheryl has over 12 years of teaching experience. 

"CJP is family"
Anna Balazzy-Walko
Full Day Lead Teacher
Ms. Anna has a Masters in Early Childhood Education and 6 years of teaching experience.  

"To me, CJP means community, support, kindness, learning, and fun"
Cassidy Lilly
Full Day Assistant Teacher
Ms. Cassidy is a NASM certified personal trainer and a AFAA group fitness instructor and has 1 year teaching experience. 

"The CJP environment is very special and welcoming!"
Krystal Machado
Krystal Machado
Full Day Lead Teacher
I hold a bachelors in English and a Teaching English as a Second Language Certificate. I am the middle child of 4 and feel as though my childhood has shaped me for the teacher role today. Early childhood education holds a special place in my heart because these early years are so fundamental and special. I hope to make all my kids feel loved, safe, and special.

"To me CJP is a special space where kids can be kids. Where they can feel their feelings, explore their world, and who they are. And I gratefully get to be there and guide them throughout the way."
Vicky Wainscott
Full Day Assistant Teacher
Ms. Vicky has a Masters degree and has 30 years of teaching experience. 

"CJP is a place to watch children, explore, learn, and grow. Teaching is where the heart is."
Heni Kayea
Half Day Lead Teacher
Ms. Heni has a Bachelors Degree in Hotel management and 23 years of teaching experience. 

"CJP is a place to do what I like to do most: Working with children"
Florence Widis
Half Day Assistant Teacher
Ms. Florence has 19 years of experience here at CJP. 

"CJP is a place where dreams come true for children and me."
Jennifer Billings
Jennifer Billings
Half Day Lead Teacher
I have a BS in Elementary and Kindergarten Education and an M.Ed in Environmental Education. Previously I taught 10 years as an elementary school teacher.

"CJP is a unique, magical place where children are able to learn and grow in a place that extends well beyond the classroom walls. I love that it is a school where their sense of wonder is encouraged and fostered, and where all are welcome."
Meri Siegel
Half Day Assistant Teacher
Ms. Meri has her BS in Mass Communications and has 3 years of teaching experience. 

"CJP is family...home...kehillah. It is a group of likeminded individuals who love kids and support one another.


Emily Greenberg
Full Day Lead Teacher
Ms. Emily holds a Masters in Education in Reading and has 18 years of teaching experience. 

"CJP is family that teaches, cares for, and loves children and each other."
Claire Sumpter
Full Day Assistant Teacher
Ms. Claire has 20 years of teaching experience at CJP. 

"Over the many years of teaching at CJP, the sense of community among all stakeholders at the school stands out the most to me. The school has been supportive of my personal and professional development just as I seek to enrich the educational, social, and emotional development of the children that are entrusted in my care.
Beverly Wakefield
Full Day Lead Teacher
Ms. Beverly holds a BA from Gardner Webb University and has 31 years of teaching experience. 

"CJP is a safe place for children to grow and develop; it is a place where they get to try out their skills each day and explore their environment."
Lori Greenspan
Lori Greenspan
Full Day Assistant Teacher
Early Childhood Credentials, First Aid & CPR, Continued education, 13 years experience.

"CJP means being in a loving and fun family environment where we can all grow to be better people."
Jenna Owens
Full Day Lead Teacher
Ms. Jenna has a Masters of Arts in Teaching and has 11 years of teaching experience. 

"CJP is the most positive work place I've been in my entire career. The administration is extremely supportive and has given me the opportunity to grow."
Lauren Rosenberg
Lauren Rosenberg
Full Day Assistant Teacher
Bachelor's Degree in Public Relations & Journalism, Associates Degree in Culinary Arts

"CJP is community, family & fellowship. I have felt at home since my very first day working here. It's been amazing!!"
Macy Leonard
Half Day Lead Teacher
Ms. Macy has a Bachelors in Elementary Education and 8 years of teaching experience. 

"CJP is such a special community and truly is my second family. Working with my students and their families make every day a gift.
Sue Ferris
Half Day Assistant Teacher
Ms. Sue has 17 years of teaching experience. 

"CJP shows exemplifies the love of children and family"


Support Staff

Marcia Besso
Support Staff
Ms. Marcia has 30 years of teaching experience.

"It is very gratifying teaching children that learning can be fun."
Lauren Becker
Support Staff
Ms. Lauren has a BFA from the University of Michigan and 3 years of teaching experience at CJP.  

"CJP is a place with a community feel.  I love seeing the smiling kids, helping them through their day, and interacting with staff."
Patrice Jacobs
Support Staff
Ms. Patrice holds a BA in Spanish from UNC Charlotte and has just begun her teaching career. 

"At CJP, I have a chance to nourish children and watch them grow."
Laverne Chalmers
Laverne Chalmers
Support Staff
Social Science was my major where it covered a wide spectrum of subjects. History, Political Science, Child Development and Law. With this wide spectrum of experience I was able to operate group day care in my home for several years along with being a sworn correctional officer.

"CJP means it takes a VILLAGE to raise bright stars turn into LIGHTS…A village is a community that provide a safe healthy environment to develop and flourish."

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