One of the great things about enrolling your children at CJP is their access to incredible specials and enrichment opportunities!

From library to science, music to Judaica, gym to gross motor, our special programs contribute to developing the whole child by getting them actively engaged, moving, singing, reading, and laughing! Our specialists plan dynamic, age-appropriate lessons each week for all students to enjoy. 


Story Time at the Center For Jewish Education

CJP students visit the children’s room of the Center for Jewish Education twice a month. The library staff is proud and delighted to share their love of language and children’s literature with our students!

Gym/Gross Motor

We provide gross motor for our Ones and Twos, and physical education for our Threes, and PreKindergarten classes. Goals include promoting teamwork, a joy of movement and exercise, increasing strength, flexibility and coordination, and improving self-esteem confidence, and motor control.


A music specialist teaches our weekly music classes. Classes are designed to encourage enjoyment of singing and interpretive movement, develop a sense of rhythm, and enhance language development.


Our science is based on the Growth Through Gardening program, and encourages children to ask questions, understand cause and effect, use all of their senses, and learn about the world around them through nature.


Each class has Judaica once a week with our Judaica specialist. Students explore all of the chagim (Jewish holidays) while learning about the Judaic values that influence our day-to-day behavior.


CJP is a school that believes children are highly capable learners who have multiple intelligences and ways to express their thinking. Therefore, we know it is essential to provide a unique space that allows them to create, invent, and explore. A MakerSpace is a unique hands-on student-centered learning environment, outside of the regular classroom, that capitalizes each student’s intrinsic motivation and natural inquiry.


Our students also participate in a wide variety of special days where we invite our parents/friends to come and spend time with our students. In addition to the listed days below, each age group has a Judaic-themed special day for parents and children. 

  • Latkes, Lights, and Love
  • Grandparents’ Day
  • Passover Seders
  • Pajama Day
  • Purim Parade
  • Prekindergarten Trip to Israel
  • Picnic & Pals
  • Two’s B’Shevat
  • Noon Year’s Eve Party

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