Our Classrooms

We are proud of our learning environments that have evolved into places of warmth and research. We have worked tirelessly to provide our children with enriching learning environments that reflect our values; most importantly, that preschool children are highly capable learners.


  • Use of natural light
  • Judaic symbols and ideas woven throughout the classroom
  • Bringing nature into the classroom
  • Authentic real life materials that promote real life experiences
  • Natural hardwood floors
  • Provocations (invitations to learn) set up for children
  • Thematic open-ended materials
  • Cozy home away from home furniture
  • Family photos help connect families and school


Our MakerSpace is an inspiring environment that encourages students to create, invent, and explore. In our MakerSpace we invite preschool students to express their unique way of thinking and experiement with creative elements. The MakerSpace gives students and teachers access to natural materials, art materials, and hands-on instruments for learning.

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Outdoor Learning Spaces

We know that children learn best through play and experiencing the world around them – including the natural world. Not only do we make use of natural light in our classrooms and find opportunities to bring nature in, we also prioritize hands-on, outdoor learning opportunities.

Our facilities feature outdoor play areas specially designed for the younger and older age groups as well as an outdoor garden that promotes exploration of science within nature. Additionally Shalom Park offers a plethora of opportunities to explore nature and enjoy the outdoors. 

Explore our outdoor learning spaces

Safety & Security

Keeping your children safe while at school is Charlotte Jewish Preschool’s top priority.  Our response to threats, disasters, and emergencies are continually being evaluated and strengthened each year to fit our unique needs.  As such, listed below are several, out of many, measures in place designated to safeguard students and staff at the CJP.

Campus Security Department FSP (Foundation of Shalom Park):  FSP employs proprietary and contract security officers, along with off duty law enforcement officers, on campus during all hours of school operation to help us effectively respond to any emergency situation.  The security team is in constant communication with CMPD and other emergency response professionals to ensure safety at our school and throughout Shalom Park.

CJP Emergency Policy and Procedures:  The CJP administrative team works very closely with the Shalom Park Security Director, local law enforcement officials, and a security council comprised of members of the FBI and DHS to create, implement, and execute emergency response and preparedness procedures.  These procedures are carefully considered, continuously reviewed, and are in line with “best practices” for community schools on a campus like CJP.  *Please know that we do not share specifics of our Emergency Response plan with parents or others to prevent compromising the safety of the children and staff. 

Building Access Control and Visitor Management: CJP maintains strict access control procedures and visitor management systems for the main entryway of the school.  Visitors have to check in at our main reception area to be evaluated and approved before they are granted access to where children are learning.

Shalom Park Campus

CJP is located on the Shalom Park campus on Providence Road, just five miles south of Uptown Charlotte.

The 54-acre campus brings the Charlotte Jewish community’s resources together in one convenient location. Our parents and students are able to take advantage of opportunities unavailable elsewhere: afternoon activities at the LJCC, Shabbat services at Temple Beth El and Temple Israel, access to the Center for Jewish Education, and much more.

As a part of the Shalom Park campus, we utilize its many community resources to enrich our students’ learning experiences while also prioritizing our values of Kavod and Tikkun Olam to leave a positive impact in the community.

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