The Fair Share program engages each family in the CJP community by requiring volunteer hours. Adult family members will have many opportunities to complete Fair Share. The Fair Share program is mandatory for all families.

The Fair Share program volunteer annual requirements are as follows:

  • Child in school 3 days per week 6 hours
  • Child in school 5 days per week 10 hours

Families with two or more children will work the number of hours of the child who is in school for the greater number of days. For example, a family with a child in school for 5 days, and a child in school for 3 days will be expected to volunteer 10 hours during the school year.

CJP is aware that some parents will need activities outside of school hours. We will strive to provide a variety of volunteer opportunities from which families can choose. Parents will receive credit for actual hours worked and will be required to record hours periodically in the “Fair Share” notebook kept in the preschool office.

Because CJP recognizes that some families would prefer an alternative program, we have created a “Fair Share” payment program. Parents may make monetary payment in lieu of Fair Share time at a rate of $15 per hour. Combinations of Fair Share work with a monetary payment are also permissible. It cannot be stressed enough, however, that we prefer to have a parent provide hands-on participation in events and activities of CJP rather than give a monetary contribution.

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